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We provide the industry’s leading measurement and analytic dashboard for publishers and brands. Get a complete picture of your content’s lifecycle, your audience and social media interaction. Don’t settle for impressions and clicks – base your decisions on KPIs that drive meaningful metrics.

Measurely accelerates your content strategy through insights

A total package to optimize your content based on your audience and your KPIs

Audience Engagement

Track engagement on social channels for all content

Measurely gathers millions of pieces of social data on your content and earned media. Highlight the sharing patterns of your audience and locate influencers that created social traction and conversions.

Custom reporting

Report effectively on content performance

Show the impact of your KPIs against content performance, influencers and audience demographics for any time period.

Content story

Optimize your content directly from insights

Follow the story of your content from the macro level to the sharing and interactions on just one piece of content. Measurely aggregates your goal traction, referrals, influencers and shares to social networks.
How do we track?

Discovery reports

Deep research into keyword influencers and social communities

Discover the network of influencers and content by social performance. See your audience's demographic and geographic breakdown of keywords and content. Optimize your social media strategy and outreach.
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Measurely provides the backbone for your content strategy

Our reports answer the questions that provide insight to your content's lifecycle

credit-card Easy to install

The Measurely code is easy to install on your web resource or CMS. Works friendly with Wordpress and others.

dev 24/7 Support

We have dedicated support to assist all your needs. We have an integrated support platform so you can get in touch 24/7.

globe Download and share

Generated reports are easily downloadable in a .xslx file. Discovery reports are easily shared via link to anyone who should know.

support Team updates

Campaign teams receive updates directly in their inbox. Everyone can easily stay in the know.

mail Track content actions

Content is multifaceted. Track the actions readers perform. Tie that to social and you’ve got transparency.

locked Generate custom reports

Measurely adapts to your needs. All your campaign data is available to select and share.