Jaw Dropping Reports through a Simple Search Box

Use Measurely Discovery once, and you’ll be hooked. Discovery search builds a complete profile for any web page, hashtag, topic, keyword or phrase based on social media data analyses.

Build Reports for Proposals and Customer Insights

It’s time to research at the speed of social. In one simple and beautiful report, Measurely Discovery uncovers valuable insights and data to use with current customers or for new business proposals.

Mention Activity & Trends

Follow the conversation. Discovery tracks mention activity over time to see how brand engagement shifts. Is it time to jump on a trend or make content strategy adjustments?

Top Mentions

Analyze and sort a complete list of Twitter mentions for your search. Determine whom your strongest influencers and advocates are.

See what keywords are used most in relation to your search and relative to your target audience. Use them in your content strategy and dive deeper with additional discovery searches.

Demographics Picture

Discovery provides a complete audience view based on your search. Understand your audience through social influencer data.

Network Shares

Measurely Discovery displays the shares of social networks relative to your search. This will help you to determine the content and ad placement strategy that will deliver the highest ROI.

Detailed Influencer Lists

Discovery shows a list of your most engaged influencers and advocates. Determine who can help your future outreach efforts for the highest impact in social channels.

Measurely Discovery Sentiment

Measurely Discovery provides a sentiment overview and detailed emotion infographics (optional). Want to know how your brand, service or competitor is perceived in the market? You can now use sentiment as a KPI and emotions to help in your content creation.

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